Monday, February 17, 2014

Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case

I purchased the Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case during Sephora's 20% off the sale section sale a little while back. 

☆ I like how sturdy the case is. Seems like a good product to travel with because the case is not gonna' pop open by itself! 

☆ Especially on sale, the face case is a good price for the amount of product that you get (5 eye shadows, 2 blushes, 1 highlighter, 1 eyeliner, 1 lip pencil).

☆ I've been wanting to try some powder Urban Decay blushes (I have a few UD cream blushes) and highlighters and I think this was an economical way to test a few colors without buying individual products for full price.

☆ I like how big the mirror is and that there are two mirrors, so that you don't have to flip back to the eyeshadow part if you're using the mirror to apply blush/highlighter.

L The pink eye shadow (provocateur) was a huge disappointment. Color pay off was just sad and it's a dry glittery mess.

L Fray was a bit darker/warmer than I had hoped and expected. I do like how smooth this shadow is though.

L The bottom half of the case (where the face products are) is very difficult to get into. I have to use a old gift card to pop it open so that I won't ruin my thumb nail.

L The quality of the blushes are not the best (not the worst either). While they are pigmented, they're very dry and don't apply as smoothly as other high-end blushes. I'm glad I didn't pay full price for an individual product of this quality.

L I'm not sure how often I'll use the eyeshadow portion of this. The colors are a bit dark (2 dark gray colors).  I guess I feel like the color combination isn't intuitive (for me) on creating many different looks with these 5 colors. There's a lot of glitter going on as well, if you don't like glitter/intense shimmer- I would recommend that you avoid this palette.

Final Thoughts-
I think the Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case was a good price for the money. I purchased it in the Sephora sale section for $29, I also received an additional 20% off of that. Do I think it's worth the original price of $44? no. 

This face case isn't perfect and I even debated on returning after using it for the first time (I'll probably only use 2 of the eye shadows). At the end of the day I decided to keep it due to the fact it was double on sale and included so many different products to use/try. 

It's still available in Sephora's sale section at the moment, if you're interested in picking it up. 

I just realized the eyeliner pictured is the same product (24-7 Glide On Eye Pencil)  but not the same exact eyeliner as the one included in the Anarchy Face Case (smoke is pictured but Perversion is the pencil that comes in the set).  I've looked all through my collection and cannot find Perversion! My apologies.

If you're interested in seeing what some of the products look like on, please check out my January Beauty Empties video. In this video I'm wearing the eye shadows redemption, fray and provocateur, as well as the blush in fetish.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Tarte Natural Cheek Stain Dollface

I picked up a Tarte Natural Cheek Stain in the color Dollface at Sephora about a month or so back, when it was in the sale section. A YouTube subscriber asked for a review on this cheek product and so I got to work (wearing it, trying it out with different foundations, etc).

What I've found is cream/cheek stains don't look quite right with powder foundations.  It looks best on top of a liquid foundation (before setting with a powder) or no foundation. Also, it doesn't look as nice if I just swirl it on my cheeks directly from the package. I have to go back and smudge and spread the product out with my fingers or a stippling brush.  The product sets pretty quickly and I've noticed that sometimes it can be tricky to blend out the harsh lines (isn't as blendable as a powder blush in my opinion). I've had the best results by applying it with a stipple brush or swirling my fingers on top of the product and then dabbing it on my cheeks.