Thursday, January 21, 2016

Makeup Inventory (Beauty, Skincare, Haircare)

Hi everyone :) Here are my inventory numbers for my makeup, brushes, skincare & haircare items. My numbers have changed a lot over a year because I've been de-cluttering and also using up items in project pans. My focus was to test out products & if I really liked them I would keep them in my collection. If I didn’t like an item I de-cluttered it by throwing it out (if it was too old/ not sanitizable), or I'd pass sanitized items along to friends/family/local charity.

I've learned so much about myself through this journey and I'm continuing to work through my collection, enjoy my products and get rid of any items that I don't enjoy.  

You may notice that my 12/30/14 column doesn't contain numbers for most eye shadow categories. In my YouTube video, I shared my 1/24/15 numbers for those items. I'm not sure what happened there :/ I know a few times throughout the year I reorganized categories and melded some together/ broke some into new headings. This made it easier for me to understand my collection better & to look at/understand certain buying habits. 

Are you doing an inventory? Please let me know in the comments!