Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bite Beauty Best Of Bite Set

I wanted to do a first impressions/swatches of the Best of Bite Set by Bite Beauty. I'm so excited to share these swatches with you because I really like Bite lipsticks and this is my first time trying their lipstick pencils.  I've had the Quince High Pigment Matte Pencil on my Sephora "heart" list for a while and would always swatch it when I was in Sephora.  When this set came out (4 high pigment matte pencil minis) I knew I wanted to purchase it.

I've only had the products for a few hours so this isn't a review but a first impressions with swatches.

I really like that Bite makes their High Pigment Matte Pencils without parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs, or triclosan.

Even though I've only had these for a few hours I can honestly say they're very pigmented. The darker colors are so bright/vibrant. Love it!

The Best of Bite Set comes in an adorable case and with a nice mirror. It's similar to the case of Bite Beauty's Bite Size Discovery Set (5 mini lipsticks).

Below Picture (From Left To Right)- Madeira, Quince, Rhubarb, Cranberry

Below Picture (From Left To Right)- Madeira, Quince, Rhubarb, Cranberry

*I purchased these items/ not sponsored.