Friday, December 20, 2013

Starfish Bowl Set

Two of my very dear friends gave me a set of gorgeous starfish bowls as a birthday/Christmas present this year. I was super impressed with the quality, craftsmanship, and individuality of these bowls.

It was really hard for me to move from CA to TN, and a sweet gift like this allows me to have a piece of the beach with me. These bowls remind me of the ocean/beach in many ways. The exterior color of the bowls conjures the image of a sandy beach. Around the outside of the bowls there are the ridges/grooves (created while on a pottery wheel - using fingers or tools).  I love how the artist shaded the grooves; it reminds me of a bamboo beach hut or grass beach mat. My favorite part of these are the interior lip of the bowl; it looks like white water from a wave! I love how the artist created a foam-like look and texture with the white paint. The different shades of blue inside each bowl reminds me of the the water (different hues of blue/green of the ocean). Plus the starfish are absolutely adorable too!

I think these make great gifts (if you prefer a different style, the artist (Kyle) has many different designs in his store)

Also, I have to rave about the customer service.  I had a question about an item and Kyle was so courteous, prompt, and helpful. (I wish all stores had customer service like I received working with this artist)

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