Wednesday, August 14, 2013

LORAC Mint Edition Palette

I wanted to do a quick review on a palette I've been using a lot this week.  It's the LORAC Mint Edition palette. The Collection/set came with an adorable clutch and lippie but I only want to review what I have used, which is the eyeshadow and blush palette.

The box claims there are three matte colors and three shimmery. One of my matte colors, the white one (which is my least favorite color), has flecks of glitter in it. Noooo! Also, one of the shimmery colors has glitter in it too (bottom middle color). Muwhhaa! I wish that LORAC would leave out the glitter all together. I like shimmer but no thanks to the glitter.

The consistency of the eye shadow is nice, very soft, velvety, and most shades are pigmented.
My favorite colors are the soft matte brown (top middle), the mint green (top right), and the soft lavender shimmer color (bottom left). The blush is really pretty too. It's a soft peach color and lasts all day on my cheeks.

I would recommend this palette. I think the product itself is high quality and lasts a while on my skin. The packaging is cute too (palette stays shut with a magnetic closure).  On the LORAC website the value of the whole collection is $120. I purchased it for $17 on their website (in the sale section). I'm pretty sure LORAC doesn't charge anything for ground shipping either, which is awesome! I know that fall is just around the corner but for the last few weeks of summer I'm going to get a lot of use out of the summery shades in this palette. Also, I think several of the eyeshadow colors are versatile and can be worn all year round.

I purchased this item with my own money and I'm not receiving any money to review it. This is my honest opinion.

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