Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sephora Moonshadow Baked Palette: In the Tropics

I purchased the In The Tropics Sephora Moonshadow Baked Palette a few days ago because I thought the colors looked really pretty. I was especially enamored by the colors on the bottom row (I love purples!) and the olive color on the top row (Peru).


  • The shadow lasted all day on my eyes (even 14 hours later) without creasing. The side-by-side photos below was when I first applied the shadow. The three pictures with closed, semi-open, and opened eyes was taken 8 hours later.  I used Urban Decay Primer Potion as a base/eye primer and then I applied the shadow with my fingers (I blended the shadow with a brush though).
  • The creamiest and most pigmented shades were Peru and Belize.


  • I don't think the colors in this palette are very rich/pigmented. I had to swipe each color a few times (2-4) to achieve the color swatches that I have below. I would pick up some color with my finger and then swatch it and return to the palette to pick up more color.  Again this was done at the very least twice and at the most 4 times.  When actually applying the eyeshadow to my eyes, I applied the eyeshadow by using my fingers because I couldn't seem to pick up enough of the shadow with a brush. I also had to go back for more pigment several times.  
  • Some of the eyeshadows are very glittery. I didn't have an issue with glitter fallout with the shades I wore (which were shimmer, not overt glitter shades), but a few of the other colors have larger flecks of glitter. These glitter shades seemed the least pigmented when I swatched the shadows.

  • I don't like the domed shape of the eyeshadows. I find it hard to use and it's just awkward.  I feel like because of the shape I seem to want to press harder into the product (a few times the shadow shifted momentarily - ekkk!)

  • The inside of this palette gets very messy after using it (see last picture). There aren't separate pans for each shadow like most other palettes. These baked shadows are domed and reach above the shadows contained space, so the excess shadow gets all over the inside of the palette. I tried to wipe up the loose powder between the shadows but it was useless. The plastic material of the case created a static when I tried to clean it and the light powder against the dark packaging made the case look even messier. 

All pictures were taken without a flash. The only pictures I modified were the ones with my eyes (I didn't modify any color, just cleaned up some dry flecks around and on my nose).

The two arm swatches were taken outside today (mid-January) in 20 degree weather and it was windy out!  Brrrr! I had to go inside and warm up and then pop back out for another round of photos. I didn't know if the goosebumps would distract all of my lovely readers so I figured I would also include hand swatches too.

I applied the following shadows to achieve the eye look posted in the pictures below: Granada, Bermuda, & Fiji.

The three photos below (closed eyes, semi-open eyes, and open eyes, were taken 8 hours after applying the eyeshadow).

What a mess! Excess product/powder everywhere (and I used my finger to pick up the color, I can't imagine the amount of wasted shadow if I'd used a brush).

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