Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Tried to Make My Own Conditioner

I read a Do-It-Youself article on an intensive conditioning treatment and was inspired. So I tried it. I mashed up an avocado and mixed in some coconut milk, coated my hair with it, waited 10 minutes, and showered. It took 3 lathers to get the globs of avocado out and the entire shower was a mess! All that lathering most likely negated any moisturizing benefits of the avocado/coconut milk mixture.

I am smiling in this picture because I don't know of the pain that is ahead of me (scrubbing chunks out of my hair and having to clean the bathtub/shower). Oh the innocence...

It was a learning experience for sure.  For a deep conditioning product, I recommend Giovanni Nutrafix Hair Reconstructor. You can get it for a great price on www.vitacost.com.  I hand typed the ingredients into EWG's Skin Deep Database before buying it and it got a great score of "2".  I really like it! *

For a DIY everyday conditioner, I've tried an apple cider vinegar rinse (1 TBSP ACV with 3/4 cup water) and that seemed to soften my hair really well. I was really surprised, because I have thick, wavy, very long hair.

* I am not paid by any company. All my product reviews are based on products that I have purchased and tried myself (or samples I have picked up at a store).

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  1. Oh, man. I tried an avocado conditioner once when I lived in Steub. BIG mistake, as you've found out lol Of course, I did many things in Steub that I regret. Had dreds for a short period, too!
    I don't use conditioner anymore and I'm good - but I don't color or blowdry my hair, and mine's pretty fine.