Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nom-tastic Raw Dessert

I made some raw "brownies" for dessert tonight.  My husband adored them.  I came across this recipe on my friend Farrah's Blog (Her blog is awesome!)

Ok, so those of you who checked out the actual recipe on Farrah's site will see that her rolling skills are far superior to mine. I was in a hurry to chill and eat them!  The balls on the left are coconut, chia seed, with half walnut & half pecan.  The balls on the right are walnut/pecan rolled in chopped walnuts.


  1. So, because I live in France, which has a ginormous amount of immigration from North Africa, they sell dates and stuff everywhere. This morning, I just bought a kilo block of date paste... I can't follow the recipe exactly, but I'm going to use it as my framework :)

  2. Yesterday, I ended up finely chopping walnuts, adding a bit of honey, and mixing it with the date paste with my hands (kinda had a cookie dough consistency). And then I promptly killed any healthiness by covering them with chocolate melted with coconut oil (didn't have cocoa powder). But they're good. REAL good. I'm going to be trying more this week cause I still have a brick of date paste in the fridge!