Thursday, December 6, 2012

Switch It Out: Blush

I used to be a Tarte addict (OK I still am). I love their Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush.  Instead of tossing the container, I saved it, removed the inner pan and now use the exterior part to swirl loose foundation powder in.

Below are my three favorite healthier/safer blushes: I purchased all of them when the companies were running sales. I did not pay the cost price that I list below (that is the non-sale price).

Skin Deep Rating: 1
Cost: $$$  ($27)
I love that this is a solid blush. Sometimes I feel like loose powder gets EVERYWHERE. I like the control that I have with this product.  Jane Iredale has several different colors to choose from but not all are vegan; Cinnamon is, but many aren't.  Check to see if the product ingredient list contains carmine (crushed up bugs).  No carmine for me please :)  I bought this blush when a local retailer ran a 25% off sale.  I have never seen the online Jane Iredale store run a sale. 

Skin Deep Rating: 2
Cost: $$ ($13)
I like the color of this blush. It is slightly warm.  I actually bought a sample of this before buying the full size. Pure Hearts Clean Hands sells samples for $1 each! It really helps when trying to find which colors work best for you.  I have received several compliments when wearing this blush. It seems like it has a lot of pigment.  Also, I like the sifter (i can better control how much product enters the top area).
Pure Hearts Clean Hands runs promotions every so often, if you sign up for their newsletter, they let you know via email.

Skin Deep Rating: 0
Cost: $$ ($18)
This was my first mineral blush.  I purchased a sample of it a few years back; I liked it so much that I bought a larger size. The color Misty Rose is light and shimmery.  It adds a hint of color.  I wish I had purchased the larger container 20g jar (I bought the smaller one 10g jar for about $10.75).  The smaller container makes it more difficult to fit my blush brush in.  I'm also not a huge fan of their sifter, I like the containers with the holes on the top better.  Sometimes Maia's Mineral Galaxy runs 20% or 30% off deals- I receive emails every once in a while for promotions. I just had to sign up online.

For both of the mineral blushes I spray my face with Jane Iredale Balance Hydration Spray afterwards.  It helps to "set" the blush and keep it on my face longer. I am sure that spraying your face with a very fine mister of water would achieve the same results. 

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