Monday, March 25, 2013


After reading about the perks of Himalayan Pink Salt, I decided to pick some up at the local health food/grocery store (Earth Fare).  There are as many as 84 naturally occurring trace minerals and elements in Himalayan Pink Salt! Regular ol' processed table salt only has one, iodine, and that's only because manufactures added it back into the salt after the processing.  Himalayan Pink Salt looks like little pink crystals. I grind it up with my mortar and pestle to achieve whatever consistency I desire. Love it!

For more information, check out the sites below:

I also bought some French Celtic Sea Salt.  I've been cooking with sea salt for a while but only recently found out there is a huge difference between brands. The one I was buying was the cheap stuff and resembled table salt.  I decided to look up some information about real Celtic Sea Salt and try some.  The product I purchased is already ground up (I don't have to use my mortar and pestle) and is a fine, almost powdery consistency (different from regular salt granules). It is sandy/beige/grayish in color.  Celtic Sea Salt also has many trace minerals and elements.

More information about Celtic Sea Salt:

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