Sunday, March 24, 2013

Two New Dresses

I recently purchased two new dresses!

The first one I picked up at Salvation Army for $12.99. I usually won't pay that much at a thrift store for a dress but this one is a BRAND NEW with tags Jessica Simpson dress. The detailing is really nice (it is hard to see in the pictures); it's perfect for summer. I think it'll look even better once I get a tan.

The second dress I bought at Rugged Warehouse (a store very similar to Gabriel Brothers). It's an adorable Ann Taylor dress in a deep peach color.  This was a STEAL. It was originally $14.99 and it was marked down to $10.  The loop in the back which holds a button was half on- it was a super easy fix (literally took 5 minutes to sew and there is zero trace of any issue). I really like the cut out in the back.


  1. love the peach one! beautiful

    love you, pi ming

  2. Let's see. John was home for the tan one and not for the peach one haha