Saturday, June 8, 2013

Blue Gray Tri-Kolor Waicon Contacts

Here is a link to my YouTube review-  I wear them during the video and do some close up shots :)

I ordered some gray contacts online from First Vision Direct. This company is amazing! I was a bit concerned about working with a company that was over seas, but their customer service is excellent.  Before I ordered anything I emailed them several times with questions and they promptly answered within 12-24 hours each time (I think weekends took a little longer but that is to be expected!)  First Vision Direct's customer service is helpful, friendly, and informative.  They are based in UK and Cyprus and include all their information on their contact us page (actual address, phone number, and email support). It makes me feel good that they are responsive and detail oriented. The shipping cost is reasonable as well ($7.50 USD). Lastly, they have a good return policy and allow for refunds if the contacts are defective/damaged (some other companies just issue in store credits).

After about 5-6 emails back and forth with First Vision Direct, I placed my order.  In the comments section, at checkout, I mentioned to them that I am a blogger and told them I would be happy to review a pair of contacts and they included a blue gray pair of Waicons gratis.

I do have a prescription for color contacts with the same base curve/diameter as the Waicons.  First Vision Direct is an international company so they do not require a prescription, if you are interested in trying them.  I do think it's a good idea to see an optometrist first. My optometrist wasn't concerned when I mentioned to him I was interested in a different brand with the same base curve/diameter as the contacts he fit me for.  If you don't need eye correction but want a fun way to change your look, I recommend these contacts as well.

The Waicons are the most comfortable color contacts I've tried.  They drift a tiny bit on me (but they are way more comfortable than Freshlook Color Blends or Acuvue 2 Colors).  First Vision Direct also sells Freshlooks, but I prefer the Waicons.

The really nice thing about the blue gray color is that they look really cool from a few feet back. The color really pops.

Overall:  I really think colored contacts are a fun way to create a new look. I feel like it really makes my face look different. I love my brown eyes a lot, but it's so fun to change things up!  I've read that it's a popular trend among Arab celebrities to wear gray, blue gray, or blue contacts. I thought I would give it a try too. The striking color definitely makes a more dramatic/stunning look.

The current promo code on First Vision Direct's website is EXTRA15 - it takes $15 off an order of $135 or more and gives you free shipping to boot.  If you want to order from them and get the promo, just type it in at check out.

Although I didn't order a 6 pack of contacts, First Vision Direct allows customers to order three different colors (three sets of contact). I think this is a really cool way to try out 3 different colors and it's cheaper than buying each pair individually too.

Anyways, I hope you have enjoyed this post and please check out the pictures below.  I haven't enhanced or altered the photos in any way (except for cropping).  Some images are with flash and some, without. I intentionally did not fix red eye in the flash photos. I know there are a lot of pictures; I wanted to give you a good idea of what these contacts look like with different lighting and with different makeup on.

Here's what my eyes look like without colored contacts in.

The photo above is a picture of Athan and I in front of a large window in our home. There is no flash on this photo.

My eyes are usually very similar to my friend Nana's (I purposefully did not remove the red eye in these photos- I wanted you to see the difference. Even from further away you can still see the blue-gray iris on my eye and the brown on Nana's eye. The pupil is less red with the contacts as well).

Note: My husband's eyes are naturally very light blue (sky blue).  I can really see how the contacts have a grey look to them in the picture of John & I together (side-by-side comparison).

Below is a photo of Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe with a pair on (I believe these are the plain gray color.)

Please let me know what you think in the comments section below! Thanks everyone!


  1. Lenses look slightly darker on me but I believe that’s because her eyes are naturally a bit lighter than my own — most people’s are! Regardless, they brighten up my whole face:)

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    Enjoy and stay pretty : )


  3. Hey Kristen I just checked out your blog what a great video! I'd love to enter your give away and I am def interested in the contacts I wear contacts daily and had the colored years ago but now I feel its so hard to get them! Are these prescription? If not that's fine i can always wear them with my glasses! Thank you for sharing and you look so beautiful! And you have the cutest son ever :) keep in touch! ~ Crystal Bramante~