Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sprouted Mung Beans

Mung beans are easy to sprout and delicious!  I love adding them to fresh salads or just eat them as a snack by themselves.

I use Bob's Red Mill Mung Beans. I rinse them well, put them in a bowl, and then cover them with water to let them soak.  I like to add quite a bit of water so that the beans have room to expand and not get dried out (I don't want them above the water).  I let them soak overnight (12 hours) and then place them in a sprouting bag/nut milk bag. I dampen the bag by rinsing with water. I hang the bag on a kitchen cabinet knob with a towel beneath it to catch dripping water.  That area of my kitchen gets good air flow and supposably that is good for sprouting. Keeping the bag damp helps the beans sprout, so I rinse the bag about every 6 hours, and then once before I go to sleep. I do this for 24-30 hours and voila! Ready to eat sprouted mung beans! I think the baby sprouted mung beans taste the best. If I sprout them for more than two days, I think they start to have a bitter taste. I store them in the refrigerator in a glass container. They usually stay fresh for a few days.

 Below is a picture of the beans when I've just rinsed them and placed them in water:

 This is after soaking the beans over night (they have expanded a little bit):

Into the bag:

Picture below shows sprouted mung beans after 26 hours in the damp nut milk bag:

In an old, clean glass jar (to be stored in the fridge):

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