Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jumbo Salads - A Litchfield Favorite

John and I love big, fresh salads for dinner. We probably have this meal at least once a week. 90% of the time we make them with quinoa, but I didn't have any left, so I used organic brown rice as a base instead.  I also cooked up 2 large organic portobello mushroom caps that I found on Manager's Special (Kroger) for $2.19 and mixed that in with the rice for some extra veggies and flavor.

Our garden is producing some amazing greens this time of year- we are swimming in spinach, kale, and many different varieties of lettuce. This meal is great for enjoying fresh garden greens!

1 cup uncooked organic quinoa or organic brown rice (cook according to directions)
2 large organic portobello mushroom caps (sliced)
organic spinach
organic lettuce
organic kale
organic sprouted Mung Beans (I will write a how-to post soon!)
avocado chunks
sesame sticks
raw organic sunflower seeds
raw organic pumpkin seeds

Directions- Cook rice or quinoa and set aside. Cook mushrooms on medium heat with coconut oil, black pepper, and a few small splashes of Braggs Liquid Aminos.

Combine cooked rice and mushrooms and heap into two large bowls. You'll want the bowls to be big because this is a large meal by volume (The bowls in the pictures don't look big but they are - one is a serving bowl and the other a Pyrex bowl; both hold about 2 quarts each).

Fluff washed greens on top of rice/mushroom mixture. Sprinkle nuts, sprouted beans, sesame sticks, and avocado on top (you can also add shredded carrots or small chunks of baked sweet potato). Enjoy with favorite salad dressing.

We enjoyed this salad with Annie's Goddess Dressing. We also love having these jumbo salads with my "dupe" for Annie's Woodstock Dressing which can be found HERE or an Easy Strawberry Balsamic Salad Dressing which can be found HERE.


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