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Cloth Diapering (Updated 12/06/2012)

I have been cloth diapering my son for about 6 weeks now. It has been an adventure learning which inserts to pair with which covers, laundering the diapers and scooping poop into the toilet.  Despite the challenges, I am really happy that I am doing this. I am glad that I am preventing thousands of disposable diapers from ending up in a landfill (which are estimated to take 500 years to decompose, if ever).  Disposables also leak toxic chemicals onto a baby's bum. I've read an argument that the water one uses to wash cloth diapers off-sets the environmental impact of switching from disposables, this simply is not true.  A lot of water is used in making disposable diapers (bleaching, processing, etc) and this is done for each diaper used- which is then just thrown away.  Water is constantly being used to make more and more disposables.

Cloth diapering is initially more expensive, but if you start from birth to potty training, you should save money. Check out some neat facts HERE

I wanted to make a post that details my favorite diapers and why. Here goes!

My absolute favorite all in one (AIO) diaper is:
Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0  

They are awesome! They dry quickly because as picture 2 shows, you can take the sewn-in layer out for quick drying. I have not had a leak so far either & Athan is a heavy wetter at night.  Also, they come in adorable prints- owls & dinos shown below. I have another diaper in monkey print but it's in the hamper.

Here is a link and an informative video:

I have bought the three that I own from  (Lc-Pals online boutique).  The first one I bought was actually on Amazon via Lc-Pals but I noticed I could save money by buying direct on the Lc-Pals website (they have good coupons).

Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0 was a recommendation from a college friend who has cloth diapered more than 2 kids. She was SPOT on!

Note: See the fleece piece behind the diapers in the picture above? I stick these in Athan's diapers if he has a rash and they pull moisture away from his bottom. We dealt with a rash when we switched to cloth because we didn't realize we had to change more often than with disposables.  I cut up a fleece baby blanket that we never used and use those as liners if we know we cannot change him as often (example- night time when he sleeps for more than 6 hrs at a time or a road trip).

My favorite fitted diapers (you need to use a separate water proof diaper cover over the top of these).

First 3 pictures are of Firefly Quick Dry Diapers. Organic, unbleached cotton. love love love.

They dry quickly because you can hang the multi-layer flaps over to the sides.  Also, they are less bulky than most fitted diapers.

I received this one in a big bag of second hand diapers. It wasn't much to look at but has quickly become the go-to fitted for me. I plan on purchasing more online soon.

Second Place for fitted diapers:

Kissaluvs Kissa's Organic Cotton/Hemp Fitted Diapers
They are soooo soft, absorbent, organic and they come with a snap in soaker pad for extra absorbency.  It is on the pricier side but works great as an overnight diaper for a heavy wetter like my son.

I purchased it from Thanks Mama (cute online boutique) They run some great deals- like buy 2 Flip diaper covers and get one free (see below).

My favorite diaper covers (from left to right):

Flip One Size Diaper Cover in Tangerine

Thirsties Duo Wrap Diaper Cover with Snaps in Scottish Storm
These seem to fit really well and are probably my favorite covers. They come in two sizes which is a good thing and a bad thing. It's good because it is more true to size and fits the baby more comfortably. It's not so great because you have to buy two different covers- one for when they are 6-18lbs and then another one when they get bigger 18-40lbs).

Other Diapers Pros & Cons:

Bum Genius elemental one-size all -in-one - love that they don't leak, come in bright colors & patterns, and are organic but they take a LONG time to dry. The design is frustrating to work with- I have to constantly flip them and try to dry the layers that are sewn into the diaper. They are an all-in-one so you can't just pop them in the dryer.

Sustainablebabyish Organic Bamboo Fleece Fitted- Like that they are organic and come with a snap in soaker and another soaker for extra absorbency. Bulky and $$$. I'd go with Kissa's - much softer! 

Fuzbaby- Terry cloth diapers with matching soaker pads. Very bulky.

Mudpies- I like that these have snap in soaker pad but the fit isn't quite right. Cute designs though

Kawaii Baby Happy Leak-Free One Size Diaper Cover- soft exterior.  No me gusta.  They did not fit Athan well at all. Actually he had red scratches from the gusseting. I would not recommend.

Lastly, I would recommend diapers that have snaps, not velcro for closure. For the velcro diapers we have, Athan always quickly grabs the tabs and undoes them. I think he likes the velcro ripping noise. The snaps are too difficult for him. Also, snaps don't get lint in them from the washer machine like the velcro diapers.

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